American Top Team Plans $540,000 to The U


American Top Team is one of the premier MMA gyms in the United States and they are pledging up to $540,000 to Miami Hurricane football players. 90 scholarship players will be offered a monthly salary of $500 to advertise the gym year round. The founder of American Top Team, Dan Lambert, has created a new corporation named “Bring Back The U”, that will focus on paying Miami football players. The ultimate goal is to work with other local businesses to compensate Hurricane football players for years to come. Lambert has been working with the University of Miami’s compliance department, and has hired attorney Darren Heitner to make sure he is not breaking any rule that would violate the new NIL policy.

“If there is a legal way and you can dot the I’s and cross the T’s, I’m going to do it” Lambert explains. “I’m not looking to profit from this… I want to try to bring people together and make our team better. I’ve got too many Gator and Seminole friends that have been shitting on me for the last 20 years. I want to reverse it.”

This is could provide as the blueprint for other major programs to attract top talent, and keep current players happy in this new era of college sports.  LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

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