Sixers Recently Turned Down This Deal With The Pacers

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First off, when they say recently, how recent are we talking? That is the biggest caveat of this deal.

This is a deal that months ago I’d say absolutely no thanks no way get the hell out of here. Today, ehhhhh, maybe? Brogdon, 21 ppg this year and just under 40% three point shooter. Both of those could definitely have helped the Sixers this playoffs. And a first round pick on top of that? Today that’s a great deal for both teams.

Ben is still young and has a ton of potential. That can’t be over looked just because of his performance this postseason. But I have to say. I’d probably pull the trigger on this deal today. A shooter that compliments Embiid and also shoots 86% from the FT line instead of 36%.

This off-season is going to be wild with Ben Simmons trade rumors. If there are more deals like this that are tossed out there I can’t imagine he stays in Philly.

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