Zach Ertz Will Be A Buffalo Bill

The Zach Ertz saga looks like it will finally be coming to an end here in the next week or so, that is according to living legend himself, Merrill Reese. I had no idea Merrill was in the breaking news business but I kind of love it. He was recently on the Dan Sileo show and had some interesting news he was hinting at.

“The word today is that they are very close to a deal and I don’t have any inside information to substantiate this, but the word is that they’re close to a deal with Buffalo for Zach Ertz,” Reese told Sileo. “I believe you have as much chance of being on this roster as Zach Ertz in a few weeks.”

This is one of those tough situations. I don’t think a single fan wants to see Ertz go but clearly it has to get done. So you turn your attention and focus to, what are the Eagles going to get in return for him? Are we looking at players or picks or both? My gut tells me a handful of picks and maybe one guy that the Bills need to toss in there to make things make sense for them money wise. Fans are most likely going to be upset when it’s not a ton of value back like a 1st rounder or multiple 2nds. But that unfortunately is how NFL trades typically go. One team has all the leverage and the other team doesn’t.

My official prediction is that it will in fact be the Bills that pull the trigger on Ertz. Adding him at the TE spot turns this already dangerous team into a true Super Bowl contender next year. They are already starting to look over their shoulders again as the Patriots have been retooling this offseason. An All pro tightend isn’t a need for a championship team but it is something that can launch a good team into the great category.

This deal or any deal will most likely get wrapped up here soon as we inch closer and closer to camp. The last thing the Eagles won’t is having a Zach Ertz situation hanging above their heads as player begin to report. More to come.

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