Fireworks Are More Overrated Than Lebron

The 4th of July is this weekend and it’s time for us to celebrate our freedom as Americans and I’m getting that started early here with this blog. Freedom of speech at its finest baby!!!


One of the more popular things with summer and 4th of July are fireworks, everyone seems to love them and they are going to be going off all weekend. Well I am here to put my foot down and let all you firework loving losers know that you’re all dumb.

Fireworks are the one of the most overrated things in the world. I will die on that hill because they are so damn pointless. First and foremost they are loud for literally no reason like chill man there’s no need for the big explosion you’re just being extra. Secondly, you always have to sit through all these little shitty ones until you get to the grand finale which is just a bunch of little shitty ones fired off at once with one or two giant ones sprinkled in to make it look better.

On top of those two things, then you have to deal with all the basic bitches that put the firework displays all over their social medias. I’m sorry Sarah I don’t give a shit about the firework show you were at there’s no need to post a whole 15 minute long story about it.

Finally the most important reason why fireworks suck and are overrated is because they are dogs worst nightmares. Ask any dog owner and they will tell you that their dog hates fireworks and freaks out every time they go off. I live my life by one rule…If dogs don’t trust it than I don’t either and thats why I am so far out on fireworks.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this wonderful holiday weekend. Drink lots of alcohol, eat all the food, and for the love of god celebrate America baby!!!!

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