Duncan Keith Heading To Vancouver?

It seems like the Chicago Blackhawks will be moving on from one of their franchises best defenseman as they are rumored to be moving Duncan Keith. As you can see from the tweet above, the Hawks and Keith are working together to complete a trade. Obviously, the Hawks are pretty much giving Keith the ability to decide where he wants to go.

Friedman is reporting that it will be a team in the Pacific Northwest or Western Canada. To me that pretty much means he’s head to the Vancouver Canucks. It just makes sense honestly, they are a young team with a budding superstar in Quinn Hughes who would benefit greatly from getting to play with a veteran like Duncan Keith.

They also have the assets that they could send back to Chicago that would make sense as well. Other than the Canucks there really isn’t another team out that way that would make sense to me. We will probably find out within the next few days as to where Keith will end up.

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