Dave Portnoy Announces Barstool Athletics Inc.

Everyone knows who Portnoy is at this point whether it’s because your a fan of Barstool, his pizza reviews or if you’re a child on TikTok. The guy has a wide portfolio and it just got bigger.

NCAA is allowing athletes to sign endorsement and sponsorship deals so it only makes sense that the company that dominates that demographic throws their hat in the ring. Maybe they’ll throw some money at a big name guy but right now it looks like if you’re a D1 athlete, regardless of the sport, you can get a Barstool Athletics sponsorship. Free merch and access to any Barstool event is a nice perk for playing a sport you were going to play either way.

And many more it seems.


Any D1 athlete that wants to is going to sign with Barstool. It only makes sense for Branded to throw their hat in the ring. If you play sports at any community college and want Branded to sponsor you we will! You get merch (at the same price as the public) and we’ll blog about you joining the team. That’s my final offer.

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Marc Cramer
Marc Cramer
July 3, 2021 12:35 am

Will you sign an ex athlete from 20 years ago just so I can be a part of the team!? Let’s be honest, I’m just these athletes 20 year future. Maybe I can make it into an EA Sports Blitz game for throwback baseball!