90’s Man Rocket Icon Jonathan Taylor Thomas Aka JTT Spotted For The First Time In 8 Years

There are few celebrities that sparked a spiritual and sexual awakening for teenage girls across the world more than Jonathan Taylor Thomas. So iconic that most knew him by his catchy alphabetical nickname “JTT”, posters of the TV sitcom son with his signature middle part were plastered across the walls of young girls rooms everywhere.

Since stealing our hearts in Home Improvement and as the hot voice of young Simba in The Lion King, JTT made only a few post-Randy Taylor appearance in such prolific roles in Wild America alongside co-heartthrob Devon Sawa, and opposite Jessica Biel in I’ll Be Home For Christmas.

Once JTT realized his growth spurt would stop at 5’5 and his eyesight forced him into some hipster frames, JTT found his groove with revamped voluminous hairstyle and gave off some Weezer vibes. Really made it clear he was the alpha of Home Improvement fame (minus Tim Allen, of course).

After that we started hearing from JTT less and less. He started producing, guest starring, doing animation voiceovers, but nothing as forward facing as he was on every single cover of Teen Bop.

Last seen by paparazzi in 2013, and last on TV in 2015, some sneaky photos caught JTT out in LA walking his two little white crusty eyed dogs, wearing a Mets hat and a mask still. It’s only right that JTT about to time his comeback with the Mets’.

An eyewitness described him as “relaxed looking” while he smoked a vape on the street. 


I love that there were eyewitnesses interviewed in the return of JTT to the TMZ screen. Was the eyewitness just a LA garbage man on his pickup day just saying “yeah that guy looked pretty relaxed, I guess people are still using those Juul things huh”? I’d at least want my credentials for that stellar reporting.

Just you wait, JTT will be out partying with Leo and a crew of 20 something Brazilian models in no time. Glad to have you back JTT. Framing this and putting it on my wall immediately.


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