Might Be Time To Get A Wellness Check On YP

So YP aka Young Page Views aka Ben was the young man that Barstool let go after he basically shit the bed shit. If you don’t recall the debacle that was the end of his career at Barstool, he virtually did nothing for a year, got called out on it, doubled down and got replaced.

After all of that he posted a bizarre 14 minute video on his instagram account going on about how hard he works and how much he’s done. Even though there was next to zero content to prove that. The comments under the video had mentioned a lot of ‘he looks off’ and ‘whys he acting so weird?’ He also went on about he is engaged now and trying to do what’s best for his family. The whole thing was wild. And now it looks like shit is going sideways.

There are some rumors floating around that him and his fiancee are now split. All her pics are removed from his account. Tell tale sign of a break up. But that’s not the thing I’m worried about, it’s what’s on his IG story.

What uuuuuhhhhhhhh, what are we talking about here? First and foremost just wild things to type out. Not just for what they actually say but the fact that you type this much on an IG story is bananas. Can’t write that much on a story. Images are only up for like 5 seconds, I’m a slow reader, I don’t want to keep running it back over and over.

Also come on. If you think all berries was a happy mistake you’re literally insane. All berries was a premeditated decision, no question about it. That’s no comeback sir, that was just a flat out home run from the jump. Now on to the second photo. If someone had a 5S in 2018, it’s already a way out dated phone. If someone has anything less an iPhone 10 in the lord’s year 2021, they are a danger to the community. So no way Drake’s side girl doesn’t have a 12 plus. If she’s your side you’ve got to keep her happy with bare minimum an 11.

Seriously though someone needs to text or call YP. If it’s true that him and his girlfriend split than it’s time for him to pull his big boy pants up and do what any 20 something does when they get dumped. Get hot. It’s hot boy summer and you’re singy bro. Time to get that bench press up, hammer curls and lat raises cooking. Stop eating cereal and talking like a stoner and get right.

PS: You’re still an idiot for blowing your spot at Barstool

PPS: Yes, it’s a slow day

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