It’s Been a Rough Couple of Days for Kansas State

Two days ago a graphic was shown during the College Baseball World Series stating three “power 5” schools that have never won a national championship in a team sport. Kansas State was featured in that graphic, along with Mississippi State and Virginia Tech. 

To make matters even worse, yesterday a Tik Tok from Kansas State wide receiver Shane Porter went viral. Personally, I do not care what players do on social media as long as it isn’t offensive, but WOW this video is cringe. It also didn’t help that the majority of the players looked like they were still in high school.  Everything Bill Snyder has built at Kansas State was torn down in this Tik Tok. The Wildcats were a laughing stock in the Midwest until Coach Snyder came in 1989 and turned them into a respectable program. Now these kids have soiled the good Kansas State name. Every player in this video needs to do “gassers” as the rest of their team looks in disgust. After that, they need to go directly to Bill Snyder’s house, beg him for forgiveness, and kiss his Big 12 Championship rings. 

I don’t want to sound like I’m an old man “yelling at clouds”. I understand this is a bunch of freshmen College Football players doing a “silly” Tik Tok  by showing off their jerseys, but you have to have some self awareness. If there is ever a thought of “could this make the program look bad”, you shouldn’t do it.

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