How To Successfully Bet On The NFL

When betting on the most popular sports in America, you can’t go wrong by betting in the big leagues. For American football, this is the National Football League, fielding 32 teams of hardened athletes who play the sport to a world professional standard. The betting margins are thin, so smart bettors only engage when they know they have an edge.

Here we’ve got a short guide to betting on the NFL and making sure those bets put some cash in your wallet. Like with anything, this is still a skill that’s honed over time.

Given the immense popularity of sports like American football, you can find odds at sites all across the Internet, like Fanduel.

Managing Your Cash

Making money in any discipline is all about watching your wallet and sports betting is no exception. The single best way you can do this is by budgeting. Before you start betting, decide how much you’re willing to wager, and don’t let yourself go over it. If you’re part of the betting crowd, you should have the willpower to hold yourself to a budget otherwise you can cause serious financial harm to yourself.

Don’t Play Every Game…

As we said, the thin margins on NFL bets punish those who don’t minimize their exposure to the house. Remember that you don’t, and shouldn’t, bet on every game. Even if you can correctly call out the winner, it still might not be worth the wager. Find bets that offer you good value, where you can’t just win but you can also make good money doing it.

… But Play Every Sportsbook

What’s better is exposing yourself to multiple sportsbooks and betting establishments. That may sound risky at first but if you’re restricting your betting and only going after the good bets, you shouldn’t be losing your cash to multiple betting houses. Don’t bet with every sportsbook on your radar. Shop around for the best betting lines to find the edge you need when trying to place bets.

Think Like An Investor

Betting isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. You should have reasonable expectations of the money you can make from betting if you’re consistently profitable. Do some people make a living by betting? Sure, but people do the same with stocks, and most retail traders don’t make a living playing the stock market. Get sophisticated and think of betting like an investor.

Betting for profit should yield small but consistent returns for most people, as it does with traditional investments. If your investments aren’t paying off, look at yourself and your approach, conduct reviews of your betting habits, and change them to find success.

Don’t Be A Fan

Much of the betting crowd is made up of fans who simply believe their favorite teams will win… Good luck with that. If you’re a fan of an average team, the house will take their pound of flesh at the betting table. Even if you’re a fan of the best NFL team in the world that wins more often than not, betting as a fan is still a problem because you’re thinking with your heart instead of your head.

You don’t have to be totally objective, that’s difficult, but avoid betting on “your team.” If your favorite team is on the bad side of the odds and is likely to lose, bet against them to make some cash. I’m sure members of that team would tell you to do the same if you could ever ask them.

Also, don’t bet while drunk or otherwise intoxicated. That should go without saying if you’re serious about betting, but we’ll say it anyway.

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