#TheDailySteez 6/29 – Roommates

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Song of the Day:

Rooftops – Wiz Khalifa ft Curren$y

Wiz dominated my high school days, and Rolling Papers is my favorite album of his. No Sleep may be my all-time favorite, but Rooftops is relevant given that today is the last day with the legendary 838 roof here in Philly. Also, Curren$y is f’ing awesome and if you haven’t listened to him before, please do.

Positive Quote of the Day:

Anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you. – Misty Copeland

What Makes Today Special?

#OTD in 1984, Orel Hershiser made the first of what became six straight years of making every scheduled start. The Cherry Hill East legend (shout-out Camden County) went on to win a World Series in 1988 with the Dodgers and won WS MVP.
Six straight years and not missing a single start is unheard of these days. Orel has the stats for the Hall so here’s to hoping he gets in soon.
Legendary Dodgers ace Orel Hershiser to speak at CSUB Hot Stove Dinner | Sports | bakersfield.com


Have you ever looked back on the photos that your parents/loved ones shared with you when you were younger? As I was sitting on the roof yesterday night for one last time with my roommates, I brought that question up.
And for me? The coolest pictures that my parents showed me were those with their friends. Getting a glimpse into the past of a loved one is such a unique experience and helps paint the full picture of someone’s life. And man, the past two and a half years I have lived in Francisville with my roommates is something that I cannot wait to share with my kids and grandkids in the future to give them a little glimpse into what life was like.
Joe and I had been roommates since college and were coming from a mice-infested hell hole in Graduate Hospital, and Chad was moving into his first place. Chad and Joe had known each other from high school but I had not known Chad prior to moving in. But we came together to move into a brand new place in a burgeoning section of Fairmount with the hopes of getting the best Philly experience possible, and most importantly have a sick roof deck with an unbelievable view of the city:
We had a solid first year enjoying everything the city had to offer, and then all of the sudden: COVID. But this house gave us a sanctuary of sorts, with the roof providing our access to the outside world. One thing is for certain: we will never forget where we lived during the pandemic. And we sure as hell made the most of that time.
A few months back Joe moved out for Kev, and although time has been short I am glad Kev had the chance to live in this amazing place. But this house wasn’t amazing just because it had a roof, a pop-a-shot, or 20 tv’s – it was the people who lived in it. As cliche as that sounds, it is the truth.
Each and every one of us living in this house endured a brutal few years. But we were all here for each other and created bonds and memories that are unbreakable by distance. I’m going to miss this house because I won’t be living with my boys. But I know that we’re all going to have these memories forever. And I can’t wait to show them how freaking sick this view was.
Thanks to Chad, Kev, and Joe for being the best damn roomates a guy could ask for. Can’t wait to get after it in Chicago with you boys.
And thanks to all my neighbors (special shout out to Hannah, Emily, and Auston) for making Francisville so much fun.

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