Flyers With Deal In Place For Seth Jones?

We are less than a month away from both the NHL Expansion Draft and the 2021 NHL Draft and things have been heating up on the rumor front. One of the biggest names we could see moved within the next few weeks is defenseman Seth Jones from the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Chuck Fletcher and the Philadelphia Flyers seem to be making the biggest push for Jones and they may even have something in place. A lot of teams are holding off on making deals/re-signings due to the expansion draft but the belief is that there are verbal agreements in place with some things that will come out once the expansion draft is over.

Could the Flyers already have the centerpieces of a deal to bring in Seth Jones completed? I think it’s very possible and while I know there are some Flyers fans out there who might not be completely sold on Jones, I am.

This team needs a shake up and they are more than just one player away from winning a Stanley Cup. If they can pull off a move for Seth Jones it could really set the tone for the rest of the off-season for them. If it means giving up Nolan Patrick, Phil Myers, and a few draft picks then by all means go for it. Bring in a guy that can really help out on the blue line and can help give your goaltenders more confidence with the people in front of them.

Making a big splash like this early in the off-season would be a refreshing change for the Flyers and hopefully Chuck Fletcher can get it done.

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