You Are Beyond Soft If Dwight Howard Upset You Last Night

Last night a picture of Dwight Howard sitting court side of the Hawks Bucks game was floating around twitter and for some reason people were freaking out. A lot of these comments being sent out.

What in the world are you people upset about? Dwight Howard is from Atlanta. He also, not sure if anyone has noticed this, a professional basketball player. One might assume that he is also probably a fan of the game. So what that Atlanta eliminated Philly? Does that mean all of a sudden Dwight Howard can’t step into State Farm Arena unless it’s a road game? Fans can be the weirdest people in the world some times. If it’s not all Philly all the time then that means you are the enemy. “WHAT!!! DWIGHT WAS AT THE GAME!!?!?!! WHAT A FRIGGIN ASS HOLE!!! HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN AT THE GYM DURING THE GAME!!!! PRACTICING 24/7 UNTIL NEXT SEASON!!! HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN ALL CHARGED UP ON A PAT’S CHEESESTEAK AND A SOFT PRETZEL FROM WAWA!!!! GET HIM OFF THE TEAM!!!”

Lighten up people, he can go to a game.

PS. Fantastic clap back from Dwight here on instagram. DRAG HIM DWIGHT

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