Looks Like Mike Scott Is Out Of Philly

Mike Scott is unofficially officially out of Philly. He has taken to IG to go on the ‘it’s so hard to say goodbye’ montage tour. I’ve counted 7 posts that he put up a few hours ago like this one.

My reaction: Thank God. Not trying to be rude but Mike Scott stunk out loud on this team. Was he badass and kinda cool? Yeah. Did he also stink at the sport of basketball? You god damn right he did. Got paid $5 million this year to contribute next to nothing all season long. His greatest impact was when he beat the shit out of that racist Eagles fan in the parking lot. There are going to be major shake ups this offseason in my opinion. They are going to look to free up useless money being spent to make moves. $5 million to Mike Scott is about as useless as it comes.


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