Phillies Just Made A Bunch Of Roster Moves And I Love Them

Now that the Sixers (still heartbroken) are dead and gone, it’s time to refocus on the Phillies….until late August anyway. Phillies are currently 5 games behind the Mets and have a double header with them today starting at 4:05. These NL East games are critical because the division is going to be easier to win than the wild card where they are currently 8 games back. But this team has flaws and needs to make some changes. Realistically they need to make some trades but until they find deals they like, roster moves within could help.

That is exactly the route they are going with today.

Sam Coonrod off to the DL. Hope it’s not serious but he’s been a less than stellar all of June. Last 28 days he is posting a 9.00 ERA. People like this kid, I have no idea why. He’s be passable at best his entire career. But hey, we in Philly get obsessed with the lovable losers/backups that other teams wouldn’t want.

David Hale designated for assignment. Good, thank sweet baby Jesus. David Hale for lack of better words sucks. He has been awful this entire year and shouldn’t be getting anymore opportunities to pitch this season unless every pitcher in the org is injured. He has almost as many runs given up as strikeouts (20 to 21). I need him to start cheating. Call up Gerrit Cole and ask him what sticky he’s using and get some. Cheat cheat cheat.

Nick Maton back, great move. Kid clearly has great potential at the big league level and needs more opportunities and at bats. He’s no all star by any means yet or someone that we can pop in the lineup and expect him to carry the squad but he’s 24 and has shown flashes of clutch hitting. Excited for him to get more time.

Feliz if another guy that he’s nothing to write home about but he us a much better option than David Hale at this point.

Great moves from within ahead of a double header where you absolutely need to win a game or two. Phillies, we need you now more than ever.

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