I’m Jake, “The Get Back Coach”

Hello everyone, I’m Jake the newest blogger at Branded Sports, and I am here to scratch your College Football itch. There isn’t a single person in the history of western civilization that is enamored with the sport of College Football more than me. The pageantry, atmosphere, rivalries, trophies etc… It is truly a spectacle. Starting July 6th I will be launching my own College Football podcast called “The Get Back Coach”. The name refers to an assistant on the sideline that makes sure players or the head coach doesn’t get a sideline warning from the official. This is a position that I held for 3 years at JUCO powerhouse Lackawanna College in Scranton, Pennsylvania. 

Just because I love to spend my Saturdays eating hot dogs at the 8am tailgate or watching three separate TV’s so I can catch all the action, does not mean I will just be posting about the College Football world. As far as other sports, I’ve been a Philadelphia fan my entire life, plus the Miami Dolphins, but I will still root for the Birds. I love all types of music but I can go on for hours about 80s Hair Metal. I play video games (I still play my PS2 and N64 regularly), and I can quote pretty much any “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” episode. 

I will close this little introduction with what you all can expect from me. First, you can expect some deep dives into the College Football world that you may not have even known existed. It will be accompanied by weekly picks which will include the spread, and over/under.  You can also expect random blogs about literally anything. Music, TV, video games, movies, 90s wrestling, at some point I’m going to write about it. Please follow my personal and podcast twitter handles below!  I am thrilled to be a part of this team, and can not wait to interact with all of you. 

Lets Get After It!

Jake Myers



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