Am I The Best Gambler At Branded?


Gambling is hot on the streets right now, and I can’t help but wonder if I am the greatest gambler at Branded.

As I speed through most of the Branded Sports group chat (because I hate nothing more than seeing I have 61 unread messages)  I tend to see everything from pod advertisements to TIL’s and even *clutches pearls* gambling!

Most of the gambling I see are $5 low risk high reward parlays that have about the same odds as of hitting as Philly sports fans ever being happy (sorry you’re miserable losers).

It’s all in good fun though. Gambling much like smoking, should be bragged about on social media anytime you do it.

So with that I’m happy to announce that I am entering the transfer portal and becoming a gambler!

Now why would I call myself the Branded “King of Gambling” before I even step foot into the thunderdome?

That’s right folks as the leader (by a wide margin) in the UFC Main Event Pick Off Extravaganza I think it’s time I use my talent to make some money.

So if you want the hot tips on some winners do two things.

  1. Follow @BrandedMMA on Twitter
  2. Listen to The Branded MMA Show wherever you get your podcasts from.

Show comes out every Tuesday and Friday. Each episode can expect expert picks and anaylsis from Walsh, Mac, and myself for every UFC card from now until the end of time.

So what are you waiting for?!

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