This Video of People Going to the Beach in SUITS is Blowing My Mind

The above video is amazing. Using machine learning, video can be upscaled to recreate what an image would look like in modern times. I have never once asked myself “What would a Parisian beach look like in the year 1899? But here we are folks and let me tell you, it’s beautiful.

Let’s take a deeper look:

There are no less than 100 people standing on literal seashells in full suits/dresses and hats; Not a single chair in sight.

Here we have French ladies bearing skin (way too much imo) in front of a hut. It looks like they’re legitimately wearing prom dresses.

I don’t understand why these people would take a vacation to stand on a crowded, damp, excruciating hot beach. But I guess there was literally not a single thing else they could have done considering it was 1899. Nevertheless, it’s always cool to get a better glimpse of the past. Here’s to hoping none of us ever have to wear suits or dresses on the beach.

This channel has some great videos on it so go subscribe to GlamourDaze if you want to continue to take a unique look into the past:

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