Hawks Continue To Win Games They Have No Business Winning, Take Game One

Is this just what Trae does now? Not a bad start to your very first conference finals appearance. If the Bucks had any other coach I would say they adjust and easily win game 2 but with Bud you just don’t know.

John Collins had a hell of a night as well and he might be the first guy in awhile who bet on himself and it worked. Nerlens Noel did it and he’s made less money the last three years than he would’ve made in one year from Dallas but Collins is playing himself into a $20+ million a year contract at minimum.

I would say Bucks should still win this series but if I’ve learned anything it is not to count out this Hawks team.

Game two is Friday and the Bucks are a -8 immediately following the game one loss. Feels high.

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