Alex Caruso Getting Arrested For Weed Possession Is Great For His Brand

Rarely does an athlete getting in legal trouble actually help his personal brand, but in the case of Alex Caruso being arrested for marijuana possession, this may actually help his career trajectory.

According to KBTX, Caruso was arrested at Easterwood Airport after TSA agents called police to say they found a marijuana grinder on the NBA player. Caruso, who was born in College Station and played for Texas A&M, was released on bond that totaled $4200. 

Something about this entire report is a little sketchy. As I’ve been told on multiple message boards and Reddit threads, TSA agents are not looking for any type of personal use drug paraphernalia (please confirm). Drug sniffing dogs in the airport aren’t even supposed to let out a yip for weed. And to find out that Caruso didn’t even actually have any weed on him, just a grinder, is even more unbelievable.

Was this a partnership with the Easterwood Airport to get Caruso in the headlines for a badass minor offense that would only improve his street cred in the NBA? Certainly seems possible. Getting Lebron in on the master plan? Now I’m onto him. Lebron needs one bad boy friend in the group to try to seem hip. I could totally see him planting a grinder in Caruso’s luggage just for the positives it brings to his non existent street cred without having to go on his record. He is a father of 3 if you remember. Plus we know Bronny knows where to get that loud.

The only issue as a Lakers fan is this immediately drives up Caruso’s value and he’s the heart and soul of this team. The Cavs see something like this and immediately pick up the phone. Honestly Rihanna might break things off with A$AP Rocky after getting the Google alert about Caruso’s “arrest”.

The mugshot is even—dare I say—kind of hot? Trae Young could NEVER pull off a patchy buzz cut and faded mustache like AC Fresh.


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