Is True Love Actually Dead? An Investigation

I didn’t even mean the pun intertwined into my overdramatic headline, but with the announcement of the ending of the latest chapter in the Khloe/Tristan storybook romance, it really got me wondering if real true love is in fact, dead.

This week alone has been a tough week for the ‘still believes in true love’ crowd. First Melo and Lala, and then Khloe and Tristan, what idyllic, aspirational couples are even left? I mean really, who’s next? Heidi and Spencer??? Your parents??? Chip and Joanna throw in the towel and we may lose everyone.

Tristan Thompson disappeared into a bedroom with three women during a Bel Air birthday party – and emerged ‘disheveled’ 30 minutes later, can reveal.

The Boston Celtics star’s antics came on Friday night – less than 24 hours after he was photographed with on-off girlfriend Khloe Kardashian and their daughter True, three, for the first time in two months.

Sources exclusively told that Thompson, 30, headed straight for the bar after arriving at the party just after midnight and did a round of ultra-luxurious Deleon tequila shots while swigging Moet champagne before repeatedly grabbing the bottom of a female guest.

You just really hate to see two people drift apart like that, in such an amicable and respectful fashion, especially for the children. This group sex session was the last straw for Khloe for at least 6-8 months.

It’s hard for me to double tap ‘real love’ anymore because well, men are absolute garbage. Who told Tristan Thompson he was Wilt? Grabbing some ass in the middle of a Bel Air birthday party??? I don’t know if Kris Jenner has gotten soft or if Tristan is protected by some bulletproof legal agreement but people don’t usually survive this type of gross negligence.

Is there anyone even left for today’s youth to use as a gold standard of real, true love? For millennials growing up we had so many role models. Justin and Britney, Brad and Jen (and then Brad and Angelina), Jay Z and Beyonce, the parents on Rugrats….but how can kids these days even believe love exists without a signature celebrity couple of their generation. Dixie D’Amelio and Noah Beck might be their only hope. God knows Shawn Mendes and Camillo Cabello aren’t selling that dream well.

What’s next, love is going to become cheugy? It may never come back from that. Much like the plot of Elf, if we start to lose faith in true love, Santa’s sleigh isn’t going to be able to fly.

There’s only one hope left to save the love industry and it’s only right that it’s the most iconic celebrity couple combination nickname:

Even though it’s starting to feel like a plant by big love corporations, Bennifer is our last remaining example that true love exists, and they better not blow it.


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