#TheDailySteez – Sixers Recap – 6/21

Song of the Day

I Feel Like Dying – Lil’ Wayne
All of us Sixers fans are going to be playing this on repeat for the next few days. Legendary song by Tunechi and very relevant for us Philadelphians at the moment.

Positive Quote of the Day

“Don’t let the Sixers loss distract you from the fact that the Celtics are in disarray and traded for Al Horford. Also, they are the most overrated franchise in the NBA.” – James Santore


What Makes Today Special?

I am sick right now. I want to throw up. I watched a team that was the 1 seed in the East lose to an Express model, a troll, and Clint Capela. But, I think we finally found an answer to why the Sixers have failed to make it to the Conference Finals the past few years.

I had always wondered (and hoped) that Brett Brown was the reason for the team’s lack of success on the big stage and its inability to close out games where they have a big lead. Well, similarly to the Phillies and Gabe Kapler, it seems that the dysfunction lies more on the team than it did the coach.

And now? We enter the off-season wondering what’s next. Does Simmons have trade value? Do we have a championship roster as-is? (NO) Is Doc the guy that will get us to the promise land?

I do actually think. this team will be better next year. Simmons is a hell of a talent but will develop better elsewhere. Joel will be even more dominant with a true point guard in the mix, and added shooting from that position will open up the floor for everyone out there.

But time is running out. Joel is a top 3 player in this league and continues to get better, but health is obviously a concern. He needs help and he needs it fast as the Sixers title window continues to shrink. Maxey’s development accelerated rapidly these playoffs but have we seen enough to entrust him with running the offense? Would Tobias be another benefactor of a Simmons-less offense?

There are a lot of questions to be answered, but instead of trusting the process, we need to trust Daryl Morey. He’s already shown he can draft skilled players (Maxey) and make trades out of assets that are seen as valueless due to salary (Josh Richardson for Seth Curry). The Ben Simmons trade market will be interesting to watch, but I do trust Morey to make the most out of the situation.

So, as much as it sucks right now to be watching another ECF without the Sixers in it, let’s hope this is the start of a new era. I know that Embiid is angrier than anyone else right now. Let’s get him the help he deserves and go win a damn championship next year.


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