The Odds For Where Ben Simmons Will Play Next Season

I don’t want to beat a dead horse but Ben Simmons stunk it up vs the Hawks all series long. He took 3 shots int he fourth quarter of all 7 games combined. Not to mention last night he had a wide open dunk and passed out of it. That moment singlehandedly ended his career in Philly………or did it?

Odds from Odds Shark just dropped on where Ben will play next season.

Have to say +190 for Philadelphia is shocking. I don’t see how he can come back and play in this city again. He is going to get boo’d harder than any other athlete ever has in this city before. Enemy or not. I think the real odds he plays for the Sixers next year should be +10000. But this is also where he will play at the beginning of the season. Might the Sixers try to bring him back, try to force the ball in his hands in the beginning of the year to improve his value and then ship him out of town? Possibly.

The only one here I even remotely care about is Portland. Them being +400 means one thing and one thing only. Damian Lillard. There have been rumblings for awhile that Dame might get traded and if they some how put a package together that gets him in Philly and Ben Simmons somewhere else. All in. Dame + Embiid is a combo that can make a deep run. Wizards means Beal which I wouldn’t hate either if you have the ability to hang on to Maxey and Thybulle.

The whole offseason is going to be one big negative shit show until Ben is traded. If you listen to Philly sports talk radio, stop. It’s going to be like dragging your bare ass across broken glass.

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