Patrik Laine Heading South?

I love NHL trade rumors, I mean I live for this shit and cant get enough of it. I was reading Elliotte Friedman 31 thoughts the other day and came across this interesting tidbit…


It really got me thinking, and I think it’s a real possibility that we see Patrik Laine traded again this offseason. Things didn’t work out in Winnipeg and I doubt he is all that happy in Columbus as their future isn’t looking all that bright. Columbus should just dive full into the rebuild and get as many draft assets that they can and that should include trading Laine and Jones.

The Florida Panthers being in the conversation here speaks volumes to the culture change that has been taking place there the last few seasons. The team is good and they proved they can hang with the big boys as they had a great series against the defending Stanley Cup Champions. The location sells itself and with the team only getting better with each year it could easily become a much more desirable place to play.

It could also be a good change of scenery for Laine as they have a great coach in Joel Quinnville and he would have a teammate who he has a great relationship with in Barkov. It would be interesting to see what they would have to give up for Laine as I don’t believe his value is a high as it was before but then again he was traded for Pierre Luc Dubois so who knows.

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