We Are Looking For Writers!

We’ve put out call outs like this in the past and we’ve brought in some great people, maybe you’re next. Are you interested in writing? Do you like sports? Are you funny? Interesting? Anything in between?

As someone who was approached by Joe and Branded two years ago I have never regretted my choice to stop doing this solo and join a great team. I’ve had the chance to do some great things with even better people.

If you’re interested in having full control over the content you do and a team to push that content look no further. You get exactly what you put into it doing this and we want someone who wants to be great. So, this is what we’re looking for:

This is a Philly based company but we don’t have a main person to cover the Phillies, if that’s you let us know. If that’s not you don’t worry. We’re looking for the best so if you blog, stream, make videos or podcast and are interested in flying the Branded flag let. us. know.

Any subject matter is welcome. Send me an email at eddie@thebrandedsports.com with who you are and some of your work.

Looking forward to seeing what you got!

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