It’s Official: Lala And Carmelo Anthony Are Over And He Allegedly Has Another Set Of Newborn Twins

Things have certainly been quieter on the Melo/Lala front for the past few months. In celebrity marriage headquarters, no news is definitely not good news. After fathering a daughter by another woman while still married to Lala, Carmelo has kind of had some making up to do and has fallen short once again.

La La and Carmelo’s Anthony‘s marriage has been through a separation, a reconciliation, and years of speculation — but now they’ve amicably decided to officially call it quits.

La La filed divorce docs Thursday in New York, 11 years after tying the knot with the NBA star, and cited irreconcilable differences.

Sources close to the former couple tell TMZ … they’ve been separated for awhile but remain friends, as always, after 16 years together, and everything about the divorce is amicable.

What was that?

That’s right, that was the sound of millions of hearts across the world breaking learning about one of the most historical collapses in NBA history. No, not the Sixers blowing a 26 point lead to lose game 5 against the Atlanta Hawks, but Carmelo and Lala Anthony’s marriage dissolving into a million Honey Nut Cheerios.

After news of Melo’s outside baby came out in 2017, Lala found a way to persevere. But 4 years and 3 teams later, the two decided to legally part ways and Lala filed for divorce on Thursday.

Now, just one day after their divorce was announced, another woman who does not want to be named (which makes it more plausible) has come out saying Carmelo is the father of her newborn twins.

Pour one out for Lala and Melo. The modern day Allie and Noah.


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