I’m Making A List Of Sixers Doubters And If Philly Wins I’m Going To Be Your Worst Nightmare

Sixers are down and honestly, game 5 was a hard kick to the dick. Should have been an easy win and it turned into one of the most heartbreaking loses in Philadelphia sports history.

Rich isn’t wrong. When you get your heart ripped out of your chest that badly it’s really hard to bounce back. Especially when this team has a leadership issue. They need a vet that is going to will this team to victory and I’m not sure that they have that. So yeah, there’s a very really possibility that the whole season ends tonight and this team will have massively underachieved.

But, there is a huge but. They are hands down, the more talented team. That is without question. If you think otherwise you either don’t know basketball or you’re an Atlanta fan. The Sixers have won majority of the minutes in this series and when it’s 1s vs 1s. Typically Philly is putting on a show. That is a monstrous factor because if Philly can take care of business tonight and force game 7 on Sunday, there is no doubt in my mind they win.


And there shouldn’t be any in yours either but of course bah humbug Philly fans are out in droves. A bunch of whining babies already running to their ESPN trade machines and checking contract statuses for next year. Can I tell you what that is, it’s loser mentality. Philly fans love shitting all over our players, coaches and teams and then throwing our hands up in the air when someone says they don’t like playing here. Kinda tough to blame them at times. And this guy (no idea who he is) said it best.

You have waaaaaaayyy to many Philly fans that would rather be right than see their teams win. They’d rather be able to say “SEE I TOLD YOU THEY SUCK!!” So many fans in this city have hated Ben Simmons from day one. They aren’t hoping he improves, they are waiting for him to fail. And I for one have had enough of it. I’m sick and tired of all the piss poor attitude fans that hate the stars for not being perfect all the time but love guys like TJ McConnell.

Loser mentally.

So I’m taking notes. I’m taking notes on all you doubters, all you fair weather fans that are throwing in the towel before the series has even ended. Even our own bloggers have turned into little Skip Bayless’.

AJ has gone a Twitter rampage shitting all over this team and in the GC said the series is over. It’s done. He’s said, and I quote, the outright support for the Sixers right now is “sickening.” SICKENING. Supporting your team until the final bell rings is sickening. And then a few short hours later what do I see?

Is that a liked tweet support Sixers in 7??? Nope. Can’t have it both ways. You’re either with us or you’re against us. Also producer expert Jake agreed fully with AJ and now is back peddling so hard he’s going to tear his ACL.

But it’s not just them it’s all over Twitter so I’ve been taking screen shots and notes. If the Sixers win this series. And I understand that is an IF I’m not guaranteeing it. I’m going to be all over you two faces soft as baby shit no heart all quitting mind set fake Sixers fans.

I am many things. But easily one of the best things I am is a grave dancer. I’ll will meme you all to death while putting your little pea brains in a pretzel.

So make your choice. You’re either with us no matter what happens or you are the enemy. If we win we don’t want your support in the ECF and I will personally make sure you are exposed as the fraud you are.

Sixers in 7

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