Feed Me Seth Jones On The Flyers

It has been over a month since the Philadelphia Flyers last played a hockey game and put us out of our misery. As frustrating as this past year was, I miss the boys and am ready to get hurt all over again come October. But before we get there there’s plenty of things that need to get figured out within this organization. The Flyers have an opportunity to fill a major hole with just one move here and they need to capitalize on it.

Seth Jones has informed the Blue Jackets that when his contract expires he has no plans on re-signing with them.

The Flyers need another great defenseman and what better player to go out and get than Seth Jones. The dudes a stud and can contribute in a lot of ways. He would be a great partner for Ivan Provorov and even if they dont put them together having Jones gives you more depth on the blue line and can help protect some of your not so great defenseman.

Bringing in Jones would also really help out some of the younger guys as he’s been in the league for a little while now and can bring that leadership the defense lacks. I’m at the point with the Flyers where I don’t even care what it takes anymore just make a god damn splash and do something exciting. The current group isn’t gonna bring us a Stanley Cup and we need a shake up. Seth Jones is what we need and what I want and I am willing to fight Chuck Fletcher if he doesn’t make it happen.

Being a Philadelphia sports fan sucks right now and I need something fun to get me back in before I lose my mind faster than the Sixers lost a 26 point lead. For the love of god do something Chuck, I mean just look at Seth Jones highlights, he belongs in the Orange and Black.

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