Dwight Howard Confirms It’s #SixersIn7

It’s gameday and there is a whole lotta negative talk about the Sixers and Ben Simmons in particular. Rightfully so after two awful losses that have pushed the Sixers to the brink of elimination. While most of Philadelphia is ready to pack their bags and call it a season there’s a select few of us who refuse to give up.

Dwight took to Instagram to show his support for his brother Ben Simmons who has gotten nothing but hate from everyone after his performances in games 4 and 5. Is the criticism deserved? Maybe so, but I don’t get why everyone is ready to call it the end. There’s a game 6 tonight, our backs are against the wall and that’s when Philadelphia teams are at their best.

Tonight will be no different, game 6, season on the line 98% of the city has already given up and I can’t wait for everyone to be wrong. Ben and Joel aren’t gonna let Trae Young and his dumbass hair knock us in the second round. It;’s #SixersIn7 or GTFO WE ARENT GOING HOME TONIGHT AND WERE BRINGING THIS SHIT BACK TO THE WELLS ON SUNDAY AND SENDING TRAE AND HIS UGLY ASS HOME.


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