West Coast Team The Favorite For Eichel?

The Stanley Cup Playoffs are winding down and that means the rumors are going to start heating up and oh boy are they ever. We’ve got Seth Jones looking to get out of Columbus and Dougie Hamilton possibly on his way out of Carolina. One of the biggest names in the rumor mill since the Sabres disaster of a season, has been Jack Eichel and things are starting to pick up on that end.

As you can see, we could have something break on the Eichel front at any moment. I still think we don’t see a deal until either draft day or the few days before. But it seems like we may have a new favorite to land the former number two overall pick. According to our guy @NHLRumorsDaily the Anaheim Ducks could have the best deal out there if they are willing to part with prospect Trevor Zegras.

The Ducks would be a surprising team to land Eichel if they were able to pull it off. I don’t think many considered them a real contender and were focused on Eichel going somewhere like Boston or New York. Now this isn’t to say either of those teams are out of the running but if Buffalo can get a top prospect and a possible top 3 draft pick if they are willing to give up their first this year than they should absolutely pull the trigger.

There is still plenty of time for other teams to send over more enticing offers but I have to agree with NRD here as its going to be pretty damn hard for another team to top the Ducks potential offer.

Stay tuned because things are definitely going to get interesting over then next few weeks.

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