The Great Debate: The Correct Way To Eat Pizza

If you watched our Sixers game 4 stream from Cocco’s Pizza in Aston, then you already know there was a hot topic brought up as myself, Kmess, CEO Joe, and AJ were all enjoying some great slices. When eating pizza do you keep it flat or do you fold it?

This debate has now carried over to the group chat and things are getting testy. People are calling people names, someones been “Fired” and friendships may have ended.

First and foremost there’s only one right way to eat pizza and it’s not flat. When eating a slice of pizza if you don’t fold it you are an absolute psychopath. It just doesn’t even make sense to eat it flat, like you just don’t look normal eating it that way. WHO RAISED YOU PEOPLE WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU.

I was even more disappointed when I found out my very own co-host Kelsey eats Pizza flat. I was so mad that I may or may not have created an ad looking for a replacement.

I thought the debate was pretty much water under the bridge but then Ali had to go and send us Dave Portnoy’s latest pizza review where he doesn’t fold his slice. Look Dave is fantastic at what he does and he knows everything there is to know about pizza. But he’s wrong here plain and simple pizza is meant to be folded.

Things got a little heated after this and some things were said and people got ANGRY. Intern Dan was fired on the spot by Kmess but he immediately responded bringing in the people responsible for the creation of pizza. Of course, our always controversial Eddie gave his opinion and he didn’t hold back any punches as per usual. Then we had Vince chime in and just go right for the jugular with the insults to those flat eating pizza losers.

Good guy James gave his two cents and took the middle ground and even used the word ambiance to describe how he eats his pizza. It’s also impossible to not like James by the way, dudes an absolute legend who is single handedly saving a baseball program. #SaveLaSalleBase

AJ took his shots though at the non folders and made them look like even more of losers

Bottom line is this…the correct way to eat pizza is by folding it and if you aren’t on that side then you’re on the wrong side of history and you need to figure it out.

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