Republican Herald @repherald Too Old To Care About The End Of The Sixers Game

Newspaper is dead. No one is reading it at all. And if you’re wondering why, here is exhibit A.

Newspaper “covers” the Sixers game but unfortunately goes to bed like an old and misses out on the major storyline. And I know what the rebuttal here is going to be “they have a deadline and the game went too late.” Yada yada yada. It’s all nonsense. This game ended at like 10 pm. That’s enough time to either go with, “Sixers ended up blowing the lead and losing” or clear shit was going sideways early enough to tell the editors, let’s not mentioned the Sixers at all.

You just can’t say, check back Friday! It’s 2021 fellas. Let’s get with the times. People need their info right away. No one in the world is going to read The Republican Herald two days after a game ended to see what happened. Some Sixers fan out in Scranton just running around covering their ears and avoiding tv until they can find out what happened via The Republican Herald. Can’t imagine The Republican Herald is packed with NBA fans.

The more I think about it, the more insane it becomes that someone decided to approve this. RIP TRH. Time to close up shop.

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