Vince Wilfork’s Son Was Arrested For Stealing $300K Worth Of Super Bowl Rings And Jewelry From Him And He Only Found Out Because A Patriots Fan Told Him He Bought Them

My biggest regret in life is not being born to an extremely wealthy family or having my best friend become like Ariana Grande and pay me to be her vacation buddy. Having Vince Wilfork as a dad is almost unimaginable. A brilliantly talented, consistently loyal, character building lovable fat sneaky athletic guy on potentially the greatest dynasty in the history of sports.

Bookended his career with two Super Bowl victories, playing an entire career with Tom Brady (2008 does not count), and genuinely one of the most beloved players of his generation. I have never heard a bad word about Vince Wilfork and just the mention of his name would bring a large smile to any New Englanders face that may only be rivaled with the verbal poetry of “Matthew Slater”.

His net worth, according to the Bible is around $60 million dollars. If my dad was worth $60 million I would simply try to ride his coattails into professional life, exerting the least possible amount of energy to sustain my generational wealth to at least my own children.

But Vince Wilfork’s 23 year old son D’Aundre Holmes-Wilfork took the alternate route. He was arrested in May for allegedly stealing over $300K in personal property, including Vince’s 2 Super Bowl rings, 2 AFC championship rings, and his college championship ring from Miami, and re-selling them like a regular Facebook marketplace exchange. This was probably the first Bill Belichick has heard of getting rings for AFC championships.

Big Vince reported the items plus others stolen in early May, after waiting a few weeks thinking he maybe just misplaced them as one normally may do with the expensive and emotional symbols of their greatest life accomplishments? He only found out his son had stolen all of his shit when a Patriots fan contacted him to let him know he spent $62,000 of his hardworking dollars to buy it all.

Initially my reaction is that this Patriots fan that bought all of this memorabilia from Vince Wilfork’s son should be banned from Gillette Stadium for life. How was that listing not one of the most concerning red flags of all time? If you see Vince Wilfork’s son trying to pawn off his Super Bowl rings for a measly $62K it’s probably the right thing to do to check in to make sure he’s doing OK. I know Vince likes his grade A meat but something is seriously wrong if this big of a Patriots legend is trying to get rid of his famous accessories. Half of the blame goes on this guy.

Holmes-Wilfork was arrested and the bond was set at $300,000. He is not in custody of the jail as of Tuesday morning, per Galveston County Daily News.

Stealing your dads championship rings for money has to be one of the dumbest moves in celebrity child history. Like no one is going to notice those things missing?? Vince Wilfork hasn’t even been inducted to the Patriots HOF yet, he’s going to need those bad boys soon. And stealing from him when your dad is Vince Wilfork? That must be the most excruciating “I’m not mad I’m disappointed” speeches imaginable.

Unsure what he needed this much money at once for but it doesn’t seem like it could be anything good. Launching a new clothing line? Wanting to invest in cryptocurrency? Feels like just asking dad for the money would be the easiest path to success.

Lesson is no one fucks with Vince Wilfork around here and gets away with it, no one.


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