LeBron Is Making Everything About Him

If you missed it Twitter was set on fire this morning with NBA news. Between guys getting fired, players getting injured and CP3 getting Covid it has been one hell of a day. So, naturally, LeBron had to make it all about himself. What’s new.

This isn’t an original idea, no one who didn’t have financial interest in the NBA thought they should’ve started back up so soon. Injuries have been an issue the entire year. As much as I love the NBA I’ve been very vocal about my thoughts on this season, I didn’t think they should’ve played at all.

I think LeBrons a good person, like a genuinely good guy but I’m not sure if it’s ego or lack of self awareness or just the simple fact he has had a mic in his face everyday since he was 16 but this guy just doesn’t stop. This is like the play in. He loved the idea a year ago, he had to play in it this year so he now thinks whoever came up with the idea should be fired. I’d be shocked if we didn’t get a quote from like January from him in a few hours saying how awesome it is that they were able to start playing when they did. He just constantly changes his mind, which is fine if you’re some asshole online like me who doesn’t matter but when you’re a massive public figure you’re gonna get called out when you flip flop.

Since we’re already here I do just want to say it’s crazy that Chris Paul is going to have to miss some playoff games because of Covid but the league couldn’t care less when LeBron went to a party for Drake and one of the Jenner girls. Adam Silver, get your head out of your ass one time.

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