Utah Jazz Fan Threatened To Kill Patrick Beverley Last Night

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I’ve come to realize that Jazz fans are the worst fans on planet Earth. They are still all butthurt over the Ben Simmons rookie of the year award years later. Waaaaaaaahhhhh. Every Sixers game you have Jazz fans popping into Philly’s mentions talking shit. Guys, focus on the fact you’re about to blow a 2-0 to the Clippers and lose in 6. You’ve got bigger fish to fry when Playoff P is toasting you on a nightly basis. But they just can’t help themselves and for this one gentleman here, he really can’t help himself.

Last night the Jazz got their shit run. They were down 17 after the first quarter and were never really in the game at any point and time. After the game Jazz fans were a little upset but one loser took it waaaaaaaaaaay too far.

What a douche bag. But what else can you expect from a Jazz, Yankees, Jaguars fan. I get it, twitter is for jokes but this doesn’t feel like a joke. This feels like straight hate and also it broken the cardinal rule of internet jokes. It needs to be funny. There’s no creative punchline here, there’s no wittiness. It’s a video of a home exploding after some type of shooting that involves a police officer dying. This is just some weird shit that only people in Utah would find entertaining.

Can’t imagine what they are going to do when LA eliminates them.

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