This Is Why The Paul Brothers Have Taken Over Boxing

The problem with boxing, at least MOST new boxing, is it’s just not entertaining. Flat out. UFC, more entertaining. Crowd fights, more entertaining. Street fights, more entertaining. Even the lead up to most boxing fights are more entertaining than actual boxing.

I don’t want anyone to confuse me with someone who knows anything about boxing because I don’t. I do know what it’s like to be entertained and for the anticipation of something to excite me. That’s why the Paul brothers are making millions off of fighting nobodies, they understand they need to make the viewer excited. That’s why these TikTok be YouTuber fights are happening. These guys know how to make the viewer excited while other, real, boxers don’t.

This is the perfect example.

Part of this blog is stemming from my hatred for SportCenters social media team but I still believe most of what I’m saying. 5 minutes of two dudes standing in front of each other? Intense? Guys, the word you’re looking for is BORING. Mayweather might be the least exciting in ring boxer I’ve ever seen. He’s the most successful partly due to the fact he is a showman. He has been and still is the face of boxing because he is an entertainer who just happens to be the best defensive boxer to ever walk the earth.

Are you a diehard boxing fan? Doubt it because you’re not in your 50s but let’s say you are, if you think the Paul brothers are ruining boxing you’re wrong. They’re just profiting off of an already dead sport.

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