The All NBA Teams Are… (Drumroll Please)

Home from work, drinking an adult beverage, waiting for Shams or Woj to drop the All NBA teams just so I can be upset at them. A tale as old as time.

I am going to get out ahead of the competition. You know what’s cool? Reacting to the All NBA teams. You know what’s even coolier? Making your own list an hour before the real one drops.

We talked about this a few weeks ago on my podcast, Drunk Off PNR, unsurprising to absolutely no one I can’t remember the names I gave for first team and we didn’t do second or third team so I’m just gonna wing it. What could go wrong.

  1. Jokic. The MVP is obviously going to make first team. Could you imagine a world where that didn’t happen?
  2. Embiid. Putting Embiid on 2nd team just because he plays the same position as Jokic is asinine. Don’t be dumb, just give us the 15 best players. If 1st team ends up being all PGs so fucking what. We stress that guys need to be “positionless” but when it comes time to award them for excelent play we punish them for playing the same position as the MVP?
  3. Steph Curry. Guy lead the league in PPG, he is one of the best players in the league and he proved it again this year after bringing one of the worst NBA rosters around to the 8th seed this year (just to get screwed by the play-in).
  4. Giannis. The back to back MVP had arguably a better season than both of his MVP years this year, so yeah he is on this list. To put it in perspective, he had more PPG this year than when he won his first MVP, he has his lowest amount of TOs this year, he is shooting from three, two and the line just as well if not better this year. The only thing to dip was his RPG and he is down only one. Not to mention (as I mention it) he did all of this with a slightly smaller role because this years Bucks team is the best one they’ve put together!
  5. Chris Paul. The Point God himself. I’m not a huge CP3 guy, I’m not sure what it is about him but I’ve just never really liked him. He’s been great all year though and is a MASSIVE reason why the Suns not only had the second best record in the whole league but also why they’re in the WCF. Dude has been BALLING all year and to think just a year and a half ago the talkiong heads counted him out.

Earlier in this I said that We did these on my podcast but I couldn’t remember who I named. I’m going to leave that piece in here to add some depth but I checked and it was the same 5 guys. Good job me!

For 2nd and 3rd team, unless I feel like it, I am just going to list the guys. Not gonna give everyone a mini summary. Also, I am running out of time to get this out before the real one is dropped.


  1. Luka
  2. Dame
  3. Kawhi
  4. Harden
  5. Butler


  1. Tatum
  2. Trae
  3. Booker
  4. Simmons
  5. Randle

This is the correct list, all 15 guys are who should win and if the NBA disagrees remember I am right and not bald like that bald guy Adam Silver. Who do you trust more?

This is supposedly who the NBA is going to announce, as we discussed this is incorrect.

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