I Can’t Wait To Watch Kool Aid Suit Up For The Crimson Tide Next Season

In the early 2000’s, during the height of Dane Cook’s stand up career, this career move probably would have made millions (if college athletes were allowed to profit off their own name and likeness). Here in 2021, Alabama CB Ga’Quincy McKinstry just made it official: he will now be known as Kool-Aid.

That’s right, Nick Saban is finally going to be the one to drink the kool aid for once.

In what is surely a copyright infringement, Kool-Aid will soon be busting through some spread offense near you. Now that athletes will hopefully be allowed to profit on their name and likeness as much as a 15 year old twerking to Cardi B on Tik Tok, these college kids need to start developing their personal brand. Being the Kool Aid man and a star player on an Alabama defense is how you truly leave a legacy and build an empire. I bet there are no less than 5,000 Kool-Aid jerseys in the stands this fall. Maybe even his own signature Kool-Aid alcoholic seltzer brand.


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