Trae Young’s Dad Supporting Some Race Baiting Tweets About Barstool Sports

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First and foremost, Barstool isn’t racist. They aren’t misogynistic, they aren’t any thing that you read from lazy takers like Deadspin and these other places they spew shit just to try and drive clicks. Deadspin and their writers (former writers for the most part because if you don’t recall, they went belly up and fired everyone) are just jealous that Barstool created a content avenue that people genuinely enjoy engaging with. They aren’t ESPN, they aren’t here to create hard hitting sports news. They create content for fans of teams and they don’t hold back on their opinions. That’s why people enjoy it. This isn’t rocket science, don’t understand why this is hard to comprehend.

But of course, when you are providing your opinion on things, especially in the sports world. Fans of teams and players you are trashing are going to get all hot and bothered. Example A. this Hawks Nerd (his words not mine.)

This is what I imagine happened here, someone from Barstool said something bad about the Hawks or Trae Young or both. Because that is the only reason he would be posting this. Had someone from Barstool said the Hawks are going to win the NBA title this year, guess what. This tweet wouldn’t exist. Or it would but it would be coming from another NBA fan base that thought “waaaaahhhhh, they said something mean about my team, they must be racist!” And that’s how it works.

A couple things I find interesting here. First off, the video tries to highlight all the white people that work at Barstool. Point they are trying to hammer home is, white content creators are racist. Already addressed, not remotely true. The other thing, if you look closely you see Gillie Da King from Million Dollaz Worth Of Game. Which by the way, if you don’t listen to that show you’re missing out. Gillie and Wallo are legit laugh out loud funny, every episode they bring it. And speaking of episodes, in a recent show they had KD on and they started talking about the Sixers.

Gillie tells KD, Sixers will see him in the ECF. They get into a little back and forth, Durant tosses out some teams like the Bucks and Heat. Gillie says they don’t have anything to match Embiid’s fire power (he’s 100000000% correct) and he basically trashes those teams by brushing them off. No one, not a soul would watch that and say, well they are only saying that because of race. No. These are podcasters providing their opinion of the NBA playoffs in an entertaining way. That’s all it is and that’s all it ever was with any other Barstool content creator. They get paid to have takes, not review shooting percentages. If you want nothing but ball washing, go listen to your local sports radio.

Now the interesting part of this, Trae Young’s dad liking the tweet. Basically supporting the idea that Barstool hates black athletes. Weird move in my opinion. Your son is an NBA superstar, he just cooked the Knicks and owned New York City. In the process, some asshole Knicks fan spit (spat??) on him and the hate in that arena was real. Thick skin through all of it, watching thousands of people literally chant “FUCK TRAE YOUNG!!!” Right in both of your faces. And nothing but steadfast confidence. But one blogger or podcaster says the Hawks are trash and you get so butt hurt that you publicly like a tweet calling a mega sports media company racist?

Seems a little soft to me but that’s just my opinion.

Either way I digress. Sixers and Hawks, game 3 tonight. Prediction, Sixers go into Atlanta and remind the NBA universe why they are the number one overall seed in the East. Ben locks up Trae Young and his dad cries his eyes out watching OU highlights.

Don’t be so soft and go Sixers.

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