Scumbag Hawks Fans Cheering When Joel Embiid Grabbed His Knee

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Right now as I’m writing this the third quarter just ended and the Sixers, for a lack of better words, are dragging their nuts across Atlanta’s face. 95-75 entering the last quarter of the game. This feels like a complete wrap. The game, the series, Hawks’ franchise. During the 3third quarter when Philly pulled away and ripped the hearts out of the Atlanta fans, Embiid had a scary moment.

He come down with a board and after passing it out grabbed his knee. He was fine and looked dominate right after. But that’s not the story, the story are those trash bag loser Hawks fans that actually cheered when he grabbed his knee.

I want to make sure I say what I want to say correctly here and my message doesn’t get misunderstood.

*Clears throat*


I hate doing the, ‘if this was Philly’ thing but seriously. Trae Young hurts himself and Philly cheers, it’s the only thing the mainstream media is talking about. Philly is the only city with assholes running around. Here’s example, a billion of it happening outside of Philly.

But besides this blog you won’t hear another word about it because no one cares about the city of Atlanta and they just don’t matter. I’ve been to Atlanta once for the Battle of The Peach Bowl (shoutout Gameday Guide). City sucks. It’s spread out weirdly, it’s gross looking and the people all think they are important. Spoiler alert, if you were important you’d live in a real city.

Anyway, Go Sixers

UPDATE: Hawks fans doubling down

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