The Celtics Are Trading Kemba Walker, Unless You Ask The Celtics

Yesterday, Bleacher Report put out an article saying the Celtics and Kemba mutually are interested in a separation. They also said last offseason the Celtics tried to trade Kemba to make room for Jrue Holiday. Today there is a new report denying all of that.

We talked about this while recording Drunk Off PNR (click here to listen). The Celtics should look to move Kemba. It is going to be hard and you’ll end up “losing” the trade but it just feels like it’s time. What is a bit shakier is the report that Ainge tried moving Kemba for Jrue. It just doesn’t make sense. I know Celtic fans and the Boston media are big fans of revisionist history but Kemba was at worst average in the playoffs last year. He hit his averages, HIS ALL STAR LEVEL AVERAGES, but we act like he is why this team didn’t win a title. I just don’t think Danny would attempt to move a guy he just acquired, after that guy plays well deep into the playoffs for Jrue. I love Jrue but do you want Kemba and Smart or Jrue and Smart? Jrue feels like a better Smart so having both of them on the roster feels redundant.

Maybe I’m wrong, who knows. I touched on it earlier but if this team wants to compete and make a title run they need to turn Kemba into something positive.

This is how the Celtics win a title in the next few years.

  • Keep Tatum and Brown together
  • Tatum and Brown continue to develop
  • Turn Kemba into a productive role player via trade
  • Brad needs to nail the Head Coach signing

One final honorable mention that would help the Celtics in their pursuit to banner 18. It would make life so much easier if KD would just retire.

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