Philly, Stop Complaining About The Awards You Didn’t Win

I’ll keep this one short and sweet. Embiid not winning MVP and Simmons not winning DPOY is not “the NBA disrespecting Philly”. It is just dumb fans being upset the guy who puts on the jersey they like didn’t win an award.

Jokic deserved MVP, it had nothing to do with Embiid missing 20 games. He just deserved it. He earned it. Did Joel’s missed games play a factor with some voters? Maybe, we’d have to ask them. If he played every game like Jokic did I would’ve still voted for Jokic. It’s simply the correct choice. If the question is who’s the better player or, what Philly fans love to say, who is the more dominant player? It’s Embiid, this isn’t an anti Joel blog, he’s a great player. The MVP doesn’t go to the best player. I do want to be clear even if it did Joel wouldn’t have won it, there’s a guy who played 30 games in Brooklyn who would’ve won if that was the case.

Simmons not winning is a bit more complicated but my message stays the same. First, you shouldn’t care as much as you do about this. It’s actually embarrassing. Now, I wouldn’t have given it to Rudy for a variety of reasons but I wouldn’t have given it to Ben either.

I think DPOY is one of the harder awards to get right because of how we judge defense. There are stats like blocks/steals and more advanced stuff like defensive rating and that’s really where most people stop. I mean that’s where I stop. The ADVANCED advanced stats are just weird and those are what Gobert excels at.

Fake stats.

I don’t want to get super off topic, this is about Ben. I’ve talked about this a couple times on Drunk Off PNR but people don’t seem to get it. Let’s say, for arguments sake, Ben Simmons is the best defender in the league. Just like MVP you don’t get the award for being the most talented you still have to go out and perform. I’m not saying Simmons doesn’t play defense what I’m saying is he doesn’t play defense on the other teams best player and when he does it doesn’t always go the way you’d expect. I don’t even want to go down the road of showing you the numbers of some guys being defended by Ben this year, it surprising how little Ben affected them. What I want to do is blame Doc instead. I said this two months ago and I’m game 1 against the Hawks, Doc made my point for me. Doc Rivers, for whatever reason, does not have Ben play 48 minutes against the other teams top guy. That is not Bens fault but it is a fact. Game 1 wasn’t an anomaly it was the norm.

Ben Simmons didn’t win DPOY and it isn’t his fault. It’s Doc Rivers fault.

PS. He didn’t score 42 on Gobert like he says he did. He scored 42 that game and like 9 of that he was defended by Gobert. Don’t let your favorite players ego make you look dumb online.

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