Guy Using Grapes To Explain To His Girlfriend Why He Hates Trae Young

Title alone makes this a must watch.

You hear that pain in his voice. This is a man that is just absolutely sick of Trae Young’s nonsense on the floor and getting phantom calls. The craziest part is I know the exact play he is talking about. It was the call against Thybulle when Trae Young jump up, got Matisse in the air, Thybulle turned out of the way and avoided contact completely and still got a foul called on him. I feel you brother, I feel you. But rest easy knowing that after game two it seems like Doc got his shit together and the Sixers are looking like they have a gentleman’s sweep on the table.

Also pray for Trae Young before tomorrow’s game. Because the DPOY award was stolen right from Ben Simmons. He is going to be a mad man tomorrow night. Get your affairs in order Mr. Young.

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