There’s A Wing Shortage And Not Enough People Are Freaking Out About It


As the Wing expert here at Branded Sports it is my duty to cover all things wings and honestly I have been failing at that. Walsh’s Wing Reviews have been non-existent, and there’s been an ongoing wing shortage and I haven’t addressed it yet.

This all changes now!!! Walsh’s Wing Reviews will be back and they will be better than ever, we’re going exploring. Now that COVID is pretty much done there’s no stopping us to where we can go to find the best wings. This summer is going to be full of Walsh’s Wing Reviews and thats a promise.

Now, to the bigger issue…The other day I decided to order some wings from a local spot. At this point I’ve had no issues getting wings during this so called shortage so I refused to believe that it was real. So the other day I was appalled when after I placed the order the restaurant called me and said…”I’m sorry, were actually out of wings.”

I nearly fell to the floor when I heard the girl say those words. OUT OF WINGS AT A TIME LIKE THIS?!?!?!?!?!?!? What the actual fuck am I supposed to do. I immediately canceled my order and cried myself to sleep that night. Just kidding they were able to offer boneless wings so I took them…Not the point though, the point here is that there’s a goddamn wing shortage people and nobody seems to be doing anything about it!

So right here right now, I am taking a stand and I need to get to the bottom of this. I am going to spend many hours on this, sleep is no longer important. I will not eat, I will not drink, I will not rest until this wing shortage is over. So HELP ME GOD IF THERE ISN’T AN UNLIMITED AMOUNT OF WINGS AVAILABLE WITHIN THE NEXT MONTH I AM GOING TO LOSE MY SHIT.

Stay strong people we are going to get through this and if you or someone you love has been a victim of this wing shortage please feel free to reach out to me my DMs are open.

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