Bryson DeChambeau Is Going To Cry For Weeks When He Sees This

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I’m not saying you should destroy people’s property, you shouldn’t. But if there was one guy that you could probably get away doing this to in the public eye, it’s Bryson DeChambeau. Guy sucks. He is trying to get the PGA Tour to kick people out of tournaments because after he hits they yell ‘Let’s go Brooksy!!’ That’s it. Not yelling in his back swing, not calling him mean names, just yelling let’s go Brooksy. It is the softest shit I’ve ever heard in my entire life.

The Brooks vs Bryson beef is real and I’m all here for it and so are all the other golf fans out there. What DeChambeau doesn’t seem to grasp is that the more you push back on something like this. The more you let people know it bothers you, the more they are going to double down, just like these young lads. Once again, destroying someone’s property, not cool. Maybe write it on a posted note and stick it in there in the future. And I say in the future because I want to see more of the Brooks fans shitting all over him with super passive aggressive shticks like this.

We need shirts at the tournaments, don’t even shout it out anymore. I assume this soft as baby shit Bryson will see them and cry to the tour. And that will be so much sweeter to hear him try to explain the issue.


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