Your Game Two Bell Ringer Has To Be Allen Iverson

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Yesterday was Allen’s birthday, the living legend himself turned 46 and on the same day as the anniversary of the most famous step over in the history of basketball.

So that got me to thinking, Allen Iverson has to be the bell ringer tonight right? I can’t see any reason why you’d have anyone else. There haven’t been any reports or leaks at the time that I’m writing this but come on. The team needs a boost, they lose tonight it’s pretty much game over for this series and for what was supposed to be a championship run. We need that 01 Sixers energy, that us against the world attitude. There is only one man that can deliver that, Allen Iverson. He walks out to Matt Cord on the call “A SIX FOOT GUARD FROM GEORGETOWN!!!!!”

I may or may not have chills already

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