Nolan Patrick’s Time In Philly Up?


Well this is certainly something…Recently, Nolan Patrick switched agents and is now on his third agent in his short career. According to Snow The Goalie’s Anthony SanFilippo, he believes that the reason Nolan Patrick switched agents is so that he will request a trade. Anthony went on to say, the reasoning behind him wanting out of Philadelphia is due to multiple factors including not liking Alain Vigneault, the criticism he’s been getting, and the spotlight that is on him.

This is definitley an interesting development as Patrick is a restricted free agent and the Flyers have to decided if they are willing to pay him or not. He has missed a full year due to the migraine issue but has for the most part been very disappointing for being a number two overall pick.

I’ve been one of the people that has been on the side of giving Patrick the benefit of the doubt. At the same time though I’m not stupid and have realized that the guy really hasn’t done anything that has warranted being invested in. So if this is the case and Nolan doesn’t want to be here and what Anthony says is true with how he doesn’t want to be here, then by all means I have no problem trying to ship him out of here.

Everyone knows Philly is a tough market to play in and you have to be mentally strong and it’s not meant for everybody. If Patrick isn’t strong enough mentally to handle the pressure then so be it. Honestly, it’s super frustrating if this is the case because I think Patrick does still have the potential to be a decent NHL player. At the same time though the Flyers need to figure a lot of stuff out. If Nolan isn’t part of the plans going forward then they need to move him as soon as possible.

The value that we would get back isn’t going to be all that great but it is what it is at this point. If the guy doesn’t want to be here, then it’s better to cut ties earlier than to let this drag out. If Patrick is here next season, he is going to have a very short leash and he will need to have a hell of a start to the season to silence the doubters.

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