I Would Like To Formally Announce That I Am Supporting A Soccer Team

As you know I’m not really much of a sports guy. I’m more of a hired hand to post smut on the branded page. Joe texted me and said we need to pick up the clicks. And I will say I haven’t really been holding up my end of the deal but school is basically over, which means I have time to get back on the smut grind. I immediately jump on tik tok which is now the horniest app created and didn’t take long to find a perfect blog.

What better way to dive back in, pun intended, than to mix sports and smut. I give you exhibit A. This young lady supporting her favorite soccer team.

So there you have it everyone, Bobby is officially a Clube de Regatas do Flamengo fan. They are a Brazilian team that plays in Campeonato Brasileiro Série A which is the top league in Brazil I’m told. Apparently they are the most popular team in the country with over 40 million supporters so I guess I’m a bandwagon fan. But with a wagon like that how can I not support them? The season just started WE are 1-0 already, undefeated per usual. And as you all remember the Flamengos won the entire thing last year so yeah, I’m off to a hot start. We’ve got a big Copa do Brazil match coming up on the 10th so don’t bother me at 8:30 that night.

Go Flamengos and more importantly Rivania

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