Giannis Wore A Dick Pic On His Shirt Walking Into Game 2

Come on, you didn’t actually click on this thinking Giannis actually wore a picture of a raging boner on his shirt before game 2 of the Bucks series with the Nets so I don’t want to hear any clickbait cries in the replies. Technically it is the literal action of a dick pic anyways.

It may have not been a modern day Dickasso, but some might say what Giannis wore on his tshirt tonight was much, much creepier.

You know Westbrook has to be stomping a hole in the cabana floor after seeing this pregame look from Giannis. I don’t know how much this shirt cost but I do love the idea of some 15 year old up and coming fashion designer with a bucket hat collection charging $3,000 for a tshirt with a teddy bear taking a flash photo of his teddy bear dick.

Personally I think the shirt could only mean one thing. With Space Jam 2 coming out this summer, Giannis had to settle for the trilogy, the third and final chapter of the Ted franchise. Wahlberg and Antetokounmpo are the next Kevin Hart and Rock. Seriously though how mad would Lebron be?


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