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I wrote this blog while still thinking I was going to get home via plane. Instead, our flight got canceled at 2 AM. So being the insane person I am, I rented a car and drove home from Charlotte. At 2 AM. And drove back to New Jersey in time for my 10:30 orientation. Safe to say I’ll never forget my first day at Fubo!

It’s 11 PM. I’m at the Charlotte International Airport. And I start my brand-new job as Strategic Partnerships Manager at FuboTV in approximately 11 hours. Bad storms on the way home from Florida delayed our plane which caused us to miss our connection, leading us to now be sitting in a manic airport awaiting a midnight flight back to Philly.

There was a good hour there where we were pretty sure we had 0% chance of being able to make it back to Philly before tomorrow morning. I’ll be honest – I was freaking out a little bit; I have taught myself to be calm, cool, and collected with a lot of the craziness of the past year. I struggled to contain my emotions for a lot of my life but I do think one area that I have focused on during my time in quarantine is going with the flow and realizing that no matter how bad things get, things will turn out alright if you try to look at the bright side.

SeventySix Capital Sports Innovation Conference & Pitch Competition 2019 — SeventySix Capital

So, with that last statement in mind, I decided to try to look at this situation from a different perspective and use the time to reflect. After spending the past two and a half years at SeventySix Capital, I am starting a new journey at Fubo Gaming. A lot of you out there may not care one bit about my thoughts on my job, but if you’ve read this far than there’s an off chance you do. And if you know me at all, you know how much working at SeventySix Capital has done for me both professionally and personally.

I was lost after leaving my first job. I knew Corporate Finance wasn’t for me and worried that I wouldn’t be able to find a career that gave me the passion I felt for baseball. I was evaluating every field and industry hoping to find something that made me feel like I was able to maximize my potential and be able to make an impact not just for whatever organization I was working for, but for the greater good.

Enter SeventySix Capital. Over the past two and a half years as Chief of Staff and Director of Marketing, I have had the chance to do everything I could have ever dreamed of in business. All while working in venture capital AND living out my dream of working in sports (something I honestly never thought could happen). And the best part? I was able to learn from the best people in the industry.

Wayne, Chad, Jon, Scott, Dan, Jess, and every single other person I have had the pleasure of working with at SeventySix Capital has provided me opportunities that I would have never dreamed of while struggling to find a next step after my first job. We have had so many highs (and of course some lows, too) but the growth we have experienced both as a company and as an industry has been truly unbelievable. I really cannot thank Wayne, Chad, Jon, and the entire SeventySix Capital team for taking a chance on a kid who loved sports and wanted to use technology to build the future of sports. We are truly a family and that is one of the reasons I am so excited to be making my next move.

Vigtory — News — SeventySix Capital

I will be moving out to Chicago at the end of June to be the Strategic Partnerships Manager for Fubo Gaming. Fubo Gaming was formerly known as Vigtory, which was a SeventySix Capital portfolio company acquired by FuboTV back in February. So while I am technically leaving the team at SeventySix Capital, I am staying within the family.

And man, I am so excited for this opportunity. I have had the chance to work with Sam and John for over a year and a half as they have built this company from the ground up. And now, I get to join them full-time and use everything I learned at SeventySix Capital to help build FuboSportsbook as we prepare for launch in Q4. We are going to crush this launch and do some unbelievable things with the assets we have, and I cannot wait to share more as we get closer.

So, as I wrap up this blog, I want to make sure I leave you with one thing. One of the most rewarding parts of working at SeventySix Capital has been the chance to speak with students and professionals who want to enter the sports industry (or an industry they’re passionate about). So I want to make sure I share the advice I give them with you:

Be yourself. Unapologetically. I tried so hard to be someone I wasn’t for a lot of my life and that carried itself into the workplace. The more and more I focused on fitting a mold, the more insecure I became and the worse my work became. The more I realized that if I were 100% myself at all times (job, friends, family, etc), the less work felt like work. So if you’re reading this right now and are not happy with where you are, just remember that you hold your destiny. Be yourself. Keep the mission in sight. And as Wayne Kimmel always says: “Make it happen.”

Thank you again to SeventySix Capital for giving me the chance of a lifetime. And thank you to Fubo Gaming for giving me the chance to continue to live the dream.

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